The Scout And The Ambush

A short test run (practically a single combat) for Savage Worlds, the system that my group is about to try for a series of one-shots.

Some after thoughts:

  • The game is lethal. It is very easy to run out of wounds.
  • Luck is really important! A little too important from my point of view, but probably that's accentuated by playing solo.
  • Starting characters seems pretty weak (if more durable than a standard first level character in D20).

Here is an alternative, with even less narrative, done with a wizard.


Unnamed Scout





Hindrances & Edges

HeroicMaj. Hind.-
LoyalMin. Hind.-
Danger SenseEdge+2 Notice dangers/ambush. Starts combat on Hold.
+1 AbilityEdge-
+1 SkillMin. Edge-


  • Leather +1
  • Long Sword Str+3

Actual Play

Starting Scene [Detailed] NPC negative - Failure, Ambush
Am I alone? [Chaos: 5, Likelyness: 50/50] Exceptional YES
Are they slavers? [Chaos: 5, Likelyness: 50/50] YES

I never follow the main roads. Too near one of the big cities and they are noisy and dirty, too far and they are dangerous. And I was far from any big city.

Notice 2, 5

I crouched between a couple of bushes, taking a look to the road below me. Orcs, maybe 4 of them. I placed myself to have a better look. All of them were obviously armed and ready to strike from the underbush. Little white objects hung from their belts: skulls, human skulls.

The times are becoming harsher, with the war and everything. Here, on the West, bands of deserters and orcs pillage the villages and of them the slavers where the worst, capturing travelers to sell them at the other ends of the desert. Many did not survive long enough to be sold.

I debated with myself. The smart thing to do was to just avoid the encounter and flee trough the forest. The right thing to do was to trust the big, pointy, sword I held trough their flesh and spare some poor sod a slow death or an even longer life of hopelessness.

Unfortunately I was never a particularly smart kid. "Easy now!" I said to myself "Orcs are not used to these forest, if the thing goes dire I can just start running and they'll never catch me". Yeah, right.

Scout Stealth 4, 6 Orcs Notice 2 Scout Attacks 3+4, 3+4 vs Orc 5 Scout Damage 8+6+3+4, 1+3+4 vs Orc 8

I tensed and prepared my sword. I needed my first blow to strike true, to even the odds of the combat. Another step and I could see the bloated belly of the orc mere feet from me. I darted toward my target, slicing at his abdomen. It let out a cry but dropped in a puddle of its own blood. Its companion, now aware of my presence, let out a furious battle cry.

Are they split arund the road? [Chaos: 5, Likelyness: Very Likely] YES Is the road wider than their pace? [Chaos: 5, Likelyness: Very Unlikely] YES

Scout 8 Hearts
Orcs 3 Diamonds

Scout attacks 2, 2 vs Orc 5
Orc attacks 2+2 vs Scout 6
Orc attacks 2+2-2 vs Scout 6
Orc attacks 6+4+2-2 vs Scout 6
Orc damage 3+3+2 vs Scout 7 (Bennie to avoid Shaken)

I had to drop them fast, before they can regroup. I threw myself at the next one, but it expected me and my sword clashed with its in a shower of sparkles. Its two companion launched themselves at me from the other side of the road, covering the distance with powerful leaps. I evaded the first, but the second hit me with its shoulder, sending me flying.

Scout attacks 8+3 vs Orc 5
Scout damage 6+5+5+3 vs Orc 8
Orc attacks 6+3+1 vs Scout 6
Orc damage 1+2+6 vs Scout 7 (Bennie to avoid Shaken)
Orc attacks 1+1 vs Scout 6

I caught my breath just as the orcs tried again to assault me in force. I had just the time to lift my sword as one of them went to me, practically impaling itself. I tried to shield myself from the other but their bodies kept pushing me around like a rag doll.

Scout attacks 2, 5 vs Orc 5
Scout damage 1+3 vs Orc 8
Orc attacks 5+1 vs Scout 6
Orc damage 5+2 vs Scout 7 (shaken)
Orc attacks 4+1 vs Scout 6

I pulled my sword from the body of the orc and tried to defend me the best I could, but I was slowly being overwhelmed. The rbute force of their attacks leaving me stunned and backing.

Scout recovers 1, 1 vs 4
Orc attacks 5+1 vs Scout 6
Orc damage 2+2 vs Scout 7
Orc attacks 5+1 vs Scout 6
Orc damage 5+2 vs Scout 7 (wounded -1)

"Argh" I let out as one of their foul swords hit me. Pain blurred my vision as I continued retreating.

Scout recovers 6+2-1, 3-1 vs 4
Orc attacks 6+1+1 vs Scout 6
Orc damage 6+6+1+2 vs Scout 7 (Benni to soak damage 6, 5; wounded -2)
Orc attacks 3+1 vs Scout 6

I tried to refucus but again a trust from one of their sword hit me on the clear, cutting a wornd in my side. There was nothing more I could do but running.

Orc attacks 1+1 vs Scout 6
Orc attacks 2+1 vs Scout 6
Scout runs 4+2, 4+2
Orc runs 6+2
Orc attacks 5-2 vs Scout 6
Orc runs 6+1
Scout runs 4+5, 4+1
Orc runs 6+4
Orc attacks 4-2 vs Scout 6
Orc runs 6+1
Scout runs 4+4, 4+1
Orc runs 6+4
Orc attacks 3-2 vs Scout 6
Orc runs 6+3
Scout runs 4+4, 4+1
Orc runs 6+4
Orc attacks 3-2 vs Scout 6
Orc runs 6+3
Scout runs 4+4, 4+4
Orc runs 6+4+4
Orc attacks 2-2 vs Scout 6
Orc runs 6+1
Scout runs 4+4, 4+4
Orc runs 6+4+1
Orc attacks 6+2-2 vs Scout 6
Orc damage 1+2 vs Scout 7
Orc runs 6+2
Scout vigor 6-2, 6+4-2
Orc vigor 3
Orc vigor 5

I started running, without looking back. Branches and foliage hit my face as I ran, tailed by the orcs. I was faster, but wounded, but after what seemed the longest run of my life they desisted, won over by my steady pace trough the dense forest underwood. I hid and waited. hours passed and I patched up my side the best I could.

Do the orcs abandon the road? [Chaos: 5, Likelyness: 50/50] NO I've saved someone that day? [Chaos: 5, Likelyness: 50/50] Exceptional YES

I kept on the move, sluggishly moving trough the forest to reach the nearest village. There I alerted the patrols and got some well deserved rest.

I still have this huge scar on my side from that day, to remember that, unknowingly at the time, I saved someone from the ambush, and a very important someone at that.

Yes, I see that you're beginning to understand...


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